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Stained glass window по договорной цене в Кишиневе, Молдова
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Stained glass window по договорной цене в Кишиневе, Молдова
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Tiffany  technique.

Tiffany technique  has its name in the honour of its creator and founder, Louis Tiffany.  At the end of the 19th century he was the first to create opalescent glass. Fine smooth drawings were amazing for the era, who knew only the strict geometry of lead stained glass.

For the Tiffany stained glass manufacture  does not use  guiding profile, as for the classical designs. Pieces of colored glass formed into the desired shape, then wrapped with copper  tape, and  soldered and patinated  afterwards.

 Tiffany technique allows you to create both  flat and volumetric  stained-glass : ceilings, chandeliers, columns. Qualitatively made stained glass Tiffany has neat  spike lines, without burrs, pits and stains acid. Products made in China, characterized by poor quality of work, poor quality glass, ugly soldering.

We make high quality Tiffany stained glass from american glass. You may evaluate our artistic taste and  the workmanship of  Tiffany stained glass and stained glass made in other  technologies, visiting our workshop.

 The company  Vitraj Miracol manufactures Tiffany stained glass for doors, windows,  ceilings, niches, walls,  chandeliers, ceilings,  lamps,  wall lamps,  columns,  watches,  souvenirs,  mirrors,  tables.

  Warranty on Tiffany stained glass is 100 years!

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Stained glass window
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